My name is Mike Vitow.  I own and operate J. Beethoven's Corned Beef at Cultus Lake, B.C. 

I grew up in New York City and was fortunate to enjoy some of the finest corned beef to be had anywhere. Those memories served me well when I decided to create my own.  

Truly artisan, our product is ranked alongside New York institutions Katz's and the Carnegie Deli.  

Our briskets cure for a full two weeks after which they are slow cooked in their own juices.   This provides a deep rich flavour and tenderness found only in real old-fashioned corned beef. 


We do not inject our meat with soluble spices. That is cheating! We use a custom blend of whole pickling spices and the finest grade of Alberta brisket  This sets us apart from other producers whose volume forces them to use "hurried up" methods.  We produce a limited amount which is strictly hands on.  

We are now offering our product for home delivery. Our order page has the details.

If you are familiar with our product and appreciate its quality, please tell your friends about our website. 

J. Beetho​ven's Corned  Beef


Open Noon - 5:00pm Fri Thru Sun year round